The Dynasty tab represents everything that you have that persists across Reincarnation.

Dynasty Score Panel Edit

The dynasty score panel contains the following:

Dynasty Score: This value does not yet have a purpose, but it is calculated using crafting lore, blueprint state and your acquired achievements.

Achievements: This will open the Achievements panel.

Crafting Lore: This section displays your total collected Crafting Lore value, current LPP and LPP value after reincarnation. This is also where you reincarnate.

Blueprints Panel Edit

The blueprints panel contains the following:

Available Lore: This is a tally of all acquired crafting lore that has not yet been spent on upgrading Blueprints.

Blueprint Set Selection: This is a selection box that allows you to view a particular Blueprint Set.

Blueprint Score: To the right of the Blueprint Selection is the total Blueprint Score.

Blueprint List: Below the Set Selection and Score is a listing of all acquired Blueprints. You can select individual blueprints in order to view their details, upgrade, merge, split, or sell. For detailed information on managing Blueprints, see Blueprints.

Packs Panel Edit

Below the Dynasty Score and Blueprints Panels is the Packs Panel. Here, you can spend pack Tokens to acquire blueprints or timed boosters. More information can be found on the Blueprint Packs page, including drop tables and appearance range.